Friday, October 4, 2019

TeamPSIC get football season on the house, no joke

Hello team,

Since sports betting has become legal all across the country, state by state, there are so many people out there who CLAIM to be able to pick winners.  It is truly unbelievable.  Of course, if you're not a member already, I'd love for you to become one.  However, unlike many of my contemporaries, I'm willing to prove it to you.

Have you ever received that phone call from a service who wants to give you their FREE lock of the year?  Do you know how that scam works?   The give different parts of the country different sides of the same big TV game.  This way, half the people are pissed off and scream at them, but the other half have usually way over bet and feel like they've won the lottery. Then you sign up with that service and it's incredible because they can't pick their nose let alone a winning game.

For the Past 5 year, Platinum Sports Investing has won at a very high rate.  If you visit our website you can see screen shots we saved from the past when we were monitored by Handicappers Watchdog.  Our new website that launched in September of 2018 now tracks every play we make so the most recent year is right there for you.  

NFL we have hit over 60% for 5 straight years
NBA we have hit over 60% for 5 straight years.

None of that really matters for you, however, because you're not a client of mine right now.  However, I'm going to make you an offer that I'm confident will MAKE it so you can't live without me.




Neither of those are a shock to anyone here.  I want you to see it for yourself.  When I do good for you in football, I hope you'll visit our website and sign up for our NBA season pass or our NHL Center Ice Season Pass.   

Trust me, as good as we've been over the past half decade in Football......we are EVEN BETTER in BASKETBALL!  You will NOT want to miss.

I won't take any more of your time.  Just use the link below to get FOOTBALL FOR FREE.

Tell your friends, because this offer is only up for a limited time.

To our mutual success,

Tod Wilkinson
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Sunday, September 15, 2019

TeamPSIC free play of the day

Hello team,

Before we get to todays free play and some of the funny responses I received from the Charlotte play, I want to share something with you guys.   Make sure you check it out because there is LIMITED SPACE.  First come first serve.    I sent this to my TeamPSIC members so they have a head start on you.


Earlier this summer, I offered an MLB totals program to our members called Ultimate MLB totals.  Some of you took advantage of that offer.

it's been about 5 years since I've done anything with NHL.  However, that doesn't mean it's not something I've been working on.  Inspired by the Ultimate MLB methodology, it triggered something for me and I've finally been able to complete my Ultimate NHL totals program!  I'm super excited about this.

What if I told you I could provide for you a single NHL totals play that would hit 60%?  Does that get your attention?  it should.  Actually that very play was 65% in 2018.  It had hit 53% in 2016 and 2017 which doesn't sound tremendous.  However, using the Labouchere money management, you only need 37% winners to break even so 53% is solid gold.   But we won't have to worry about 53% because with some of the rule changes favoring offense, my method has been improving each year.  

I initially sent this information ONLY to those who were part of the Ultimate MLB program.  I allowed them to grab their position in the group as there are just 7 spots I'm willing to have.  I don't want everyone with this information.  So, I'm going to share the information with you that I sent out to the MLB members below.  If you're interested go ahead and grab your spot.  There are 2 left.  Below is the win% information, a link to a google doc with the last 3 years worth of plays and then a link at the bottom to grab a spot.

I'm going to be sending the method out to those who are part of this on Monday evening once the last 2 spots are filled.

My favorite part about this is that is provides something for everyone.  I don't use it as a chase, but if you are a person who likes chases, this can do that.  We are playing totals ONLY so the juice is not even a factor!

Read the more detailed description below. 


If I told anyone that you could have a single play that you could hit 60% on and it's a total?  That's great news.  The pattern of consistency combined with great money management will make this very very profitable.  Honestly, I expect the results to continue to get better and better for us as more and more amateur money comes in to the betting pools from legalized gambling passing around the country.  With the current rules favoring offense, I expect a similar amount of plays and similar results to 2018!    

When you purchase this program you'll receive:

1. The methodology and criteria - I don't want you to just wait for an email each day.  You'll get the criteria and exactly what to look for so  you'll always have that information.

2. Daily email.  Some of you may or may not have time to look up the plays.  At least this way you'll always get the daily email with the plays lined up for you.

3. Money Management.  This season, we are going to track both the Labouchere and the 10% method to see which one gives us the best return for our money.  In the daily email, this information will be layed out for you.

4. Filters - I have a few basic filters, but with the current state of the rules in NHL we don't want to OVER filter.  For the first month or so we go no filters.  After that, we try to identify teams that meet certain criteria that seems to coincide with losses.  When both teams in a matchup meet that criteria we will pass.  That is the value of getting the daily email.

This is a small group for Ultimate MLB.  If everyone decides to get the Ultimate NHL totals, I'm not even going to offer it up to others.  If not, I'll open it up to everyone to fill the last few spots.

Thanks as always for your attention.  The link to GET YOUR SPOT and the LINK to the last 2016, 2017, and 2018 seasons are below.

What's really nice about this method is that you can play it whatever way you feel comfortable  Once a team qualifies we will follow them for 3 consecutive games. 

2016/2017 - Overall record at 53.3% if you bet every game just flat.  Not outstanding but with the Labourchere, it is very profitable.  My focus personally is mostly on GAME 1 as you'll see with subsequent years. 
Game 1 RecordGame 2 RecordGame 3 RecordOverall record

2017/2018 -  Notice in 2017 season, less plays, still 53% on Game 1 but in this season game 3 ended up very strong.  I have some thoughts on that but again these are totally unfiltered, no account for injury, poor matchups
also starting in 2017 if you were doing a 3 game chase you were 74 wins and 7 losses which is like being 74-49 +25 units.  That's not how I'm playing it but it's an option for people who like that.  With filters that improves as well.

Game 1 RecordGame 2 RecordGame 3 Record
Overall recordGame 1 and 3 record


2018/2019 -  I saved the best for last.  These results are 100% unfiltered and notice the year over year improvement in LESS qualifying plays but GAME 1 is profitable no matter what.  If you hit even 53% and use the Labby you are going to have a GREAT season.  The game 1 record for last season was a cool 65%.  Chasers would have been 66-5 or 66-35 +31 units.  For me, Likely as we start this season from the beginning, I'll likely play all game 1's on a labby.  If I can hit even in the upper 50's %, pros in Vegas would KILL to have that on a total.  And with good money management, we will be solid gold

Game 1 RecordGame 2 RecordGame 3 RecordOverall recordGame 1 and 3

I want everyone to see the real unfiltered result.  There are common sense filters that improve 2016 and 2017
by 5-7%.  Playing overs, at a point in the season you can avoid certain teams.  In each year, there were only 2 or 3 teams that account for big chunks of losses.  it's usually the same culprits.  Teams that are in the bottom 3 of goals per game AND they have a real good GOALS allowed average.   when 2 teams like that hook up you're begging for a 2-1

I'm going to be offering this program for $199.    For $199 you get the method, the daily email, the money management, and any filters that will improve the performance


Click the link below to get your spot!!!!

Anyone who would like a spot, click that link above and grab it. ........also if you're interested in becoming a teamPSIC member, the link is right below.

Get started today. 

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  So yesterday I sent out a free play on Charlotte.  What you didn't know was that it was actually my favorite play in NCAA in about 3 years.  The only reason it missed the cut for TeamPSIC members is that the sharp action was so hot early when the line came out it moved from -17 to -20.  I still loved the play because UMASS is SO dreadful.  They are the worst team in all of college football and Charlotte has a coach that can teach offense.  Anyway it's always funny to see the people over react before the game was ever played.   Look I understand the hate mail when teams lose.  That is part of the territory although those of you following from the launch of the free play last year did better on my free plays than most paid services would provide even with MLB being very very very average at best.   Anyway, it's the before the game emails that can occasionally be funny.  I don't get too much of that because you guys are smart and realize I'm here actually trying to provide you winning information for free but shortly after the play went out yesterday I got this...

"Tod, you are a fucking clown.  you do realize that Charlotte is an FCS school.  What idiot bets an FCS LAYING almost 3 touchdowns to an FBS school?  Only you.  I thought you hate favorites?  Sounds like a reach to me"

I do hate favorites, except when I'm 99% sure the defense they are playing has no shot to keep them under 50.
Also, so you think vegas gives away christmas presents by making the FCS school a 17 point favorite?

Next one:

"Tod, Charlotte U?  is that like Charlotte U of alabama?  WTF is Charlotte U?   I know you like to zig when others zag but have you lost your mind?"

Yes, I've spent countless hours fine tuning a few things with horse racing and I very well may have lost my mind.


Here is our free play today.  Today TeamPSIC members have 4 plays! Free Play of the Day Sports (1-1)
Baltimore / Arizona over 46 Horses Free Play of the Day (+$16) based on a $2 wager for each horse
No free horse play today

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